I have not written about tech in a long time. The past several years I have been working on different “Passion” projects. I have not blogged or used Facebook much other than to keep in touch with a few family members and friends. I have also used this site to post my pictured as I take them, and have even run out of steam doing that. I have been troubled the last few weeks from what I have been seeing from Google, which is why I have decided to make a post. I do not approve of racism, and other forms of hate. I do however believe in certain freedoms above all others, and one of them is the freedom of speech and the press. Recently Google has been shutting down Youtube and Google Plus channels of people they politically do not agree with. I wish this was just limited to the most disgusting of sites, but alas it is just people who have different opinions than are popular with a certain majority of people at google. If at all confused or you think this is wrong information, one has only to do a search on youtube to see the folks affected by this. The really bad part is that Google owns a lot of tech that everyone uses today. More tech than Microsoft ever owned when they were sued for being a Monopoly. My biggest concern right now, is with developments like Google’s Android which is the highest percentage of the phone market, will they stop communication they deem “Inappropriate” because they believe it violates their terms and conditions of use. You may think this is ridiculous, but they are bleeding out of youtube and into social media of other types and into their business apps as well. When peoples docs are stored in their accounts and Google blocks access to the accounts, they lose access to their docs as well. Follow the logic and it will be soon that they don’t allow inappropriate ┬ácommunication from an Android device. This is the main reason I have always maintained my own domains for years. I can post this and not worry what google thinks.

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